How to make Bingo on WhatsApp

How to make Bingo on WhatsApp

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Creating connections with friends and family has been scarce in this hyperconnected world where everyone is always on their devices. Playing games together has always been an avenue where friends and family get to connect and spend time with one another. If you’re seeking an entertaining activity to liven up your WhatsApp group chats with friends and family, how about you consider transforming your WhatsApp into a virtual Bingo hall?  This guide will walk you through the steps of hosting a WhatsApp Bingo game and turning your messaging app into a Bingo hub.

Setting the Stage

Create a Bingo Card

Numerous online Bingo card generators, such as myfreeBingocards or osric, offer user-friendly interfaces for creating customized cards with various sizes and themes. These platforms can help you great 

Save or Share the Bingo Cards

After personalizing your Bingo cards, save them as images on your device. Share these images with friends or family via WhatsApp, or utilize cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox and share the link with participants.

Playing Bingo on WhatsApp


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You may not be able to replicate the physical experience of playing Bingo, interacting with friends, or getting to shout “Bingo” when you win, but playing online via WhatsApp offers a unique way to enjoy Bingo with friends and loved ones no matter the distance apart. Here are a few steps you must follow when you want to play Bingo on WhatsApp.

Establish Game Rules

Define the rules of your Bingo game. Decide how each player will mark off their numbers, whether through emojis or simple text. Then you must establish the winning criteria, it could be a traditional row or column completion or a more creative variation.

Start the Game

Kick off the game by announcing the first number or word. Participants can then mark their cards using WhatsApp features like emojis or text responses. Ensure to encourage lively interactions by incorporating themed emojis or stickers in your game.

Verification and Honesty

Given the absence of physical presence, honesty is paramount in a virtual game. When a participant claims a win, request a screenshot of their Bingo card for verification. This not only ensures fair play but adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Engage Through Chat

It is important to maintain the vibrancy of the game by fostering chat interactions. WhatsApp’s group chat features allow players to celebrate wins, share jokes, or strategize their next moves. Use these features to create a perfect blend of gaming and socializing.

Organizing Bingo on WhatsApp

If you’re looking to host your Bingo session on WhatsApp, here are some key steps to consider:

Contact Participants

Reach out to the people you want to invite, whether friends or family. Choose a date, and and time, and decide on a price for the Bingo card or ticket.

Payment and Organization

Utilize technology to facilitate payments, such as via Pix, QR codes, or bank transfers. Prepare scanned Bingo cards, either free models from the internet or purchased ones, and send them to participants upon receiving payment.


Don’t forget to plan exciting prizes! Use the funds collected to cover the costs and offer rewards to the winners.

Bingo Time

Create a WhatsApp group and add participants. Conduct the draw via a video call or explore other platforms like Facebook, Skype, or Zoom for a live experience. Ensure a fun and dynamic game by providing all the necessary information and engaging with participants.


Playing Bingo on WhatsApp infuses a delightful twist into your virtual interactions. Whether you’re connecting with friends globally or hosting a family game night, the simplicity and convenience of WhatsApp make it an ideal platform for this classic game. So, gather your friends, generate those Bingo cards, and let the numbers roll for a memorable and entertaining Bingo experience right in your WhatsApp chat!